About New Haven Alliance

We are building New Haven Alliance as a bridge to the future for all residents of New Haven County, CT.

That future is one that is full of hope and promise but also great uncertainties. The approaching revolution in technology, automation and artificial intelligence will bring great improvements to society and individual people in general, in areas including healthcare, transportation, education, manufacturing, and communications.

But this new technological wave also brings concerns about workers displaced by jobs replaced by automation, and students who may not be taught in the skills required required to become employable and productive in this new technological world.

That is where New Haven Alliance comes in. We are seeking to bridge the gap between our residents — where we are now — and that bright but challenging future. We will be looking to bring together businesses, schools, non-profits and government to design and deploy programs to enable our residents to succeed in this world.

Join us! NHA has been helping people with our STEM events since 2015. But now we are looking to grow, and we need your help.

As we embark on our 2020 “listening tour,” we want to hear your thoughts regarding how we might best succeed in these efforts.

Email us at future@newhaven.org to let us know!